ABC-View Manager

ABC-View Manager tackles the problem of having to browse through your folders in an endless search for that particular picture you stored somewhere…

Benefits of ABC-View Manager

  • Email your images
    Just select the images and email them in an instant. Keep your emails small by automatically downscaling the images that are sent!
  • Don’t get lost in your directory structure
    Never “lose” an image again because it is hidden somewhere in your folder structure. ABC-View Manager can open complete folder trees with one click on a checkbox.
  • Select and rotate your images upright
    A safe way for all the images that should be rotated by 90 degrees.. Simply multi-select these and let ABC-View Manager rotate your JPG files without any loss.
  • Set your photographs to the exact date and time you took them
    ABC-View Manager can adjust the file date and time of your images to the exact time you pressed the button on your camera, by taking the date from the EXIF info in your digital photo.
  • Pinpoint and remove inferior or duplicate copies of the same photo
    ABC-View Manager is able to detect slightly different copies of the same image and list them for you so you can remove the inferior ones. ABC-View Manager can also detect exactly identical (duplicate) images and files.

ABC-View Manager can do what any other viewer can do, and more! Read the introduction or have a look at the features or screenshots to convince yourself.


Take the chance to download and test the software for free, you will be amazed by the speed with which it can provide you with a good overview of ALL your pictures, not only the ones in a particular folder. Registration costs $29.


ABC-View Manager is under constant development, all user feedback is greatly appreciated! You can visit our forum to read all current issues as well as contribute your experiences there!

What’s New

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