Rotate JPG images losslessly using the EXIF orientation tag

A great idea from one of our users made into reality!

Some modern digital cameras now sense the orientation of the camera at the moment of capture.

This information is stored in the EXIF data, using the “Orientation Tag”. ABC-View Manager is able to display this information, use Item -> Properties and then click the Tags tab.

The orientation tag can have 8 different values, presenting 8 different kinds of orientation that a picture can have.

Note that only some models of modern digital cameras support this option.





These are the values that can be present in the orientation tag. For a technical background, please refer to the excellent description on

Value0th Row0th Column
1topleft side
2topright side
3bottomright side
4bottomleft side
5left sidetop
6right sidetop
7right sidebottom
8left sidebottom

Here is another description is given by Adam M. Costello:

For convenience, here is what the letter F would look like if it were tagged correctly and displayed by a program that ignores the orientation tag

ABC-View Manager is now able to use this information and perform a lossless rotation or flipping action on your images, smartly using this value.

How to do it?

Select some images, using [Ctrl] or [Shift] for multiple. You can select all files with [Ctrl-A]. Then select:

Tools -> Lossless -> Rotate using EXIF flag








Notice that you can exactly see what ABC-View Manager is going to do with each file. The column “Exif Orientation Flag” shows the value of the EXIF flag, and “Action” shows what kind of operation will be done on the file.

When the file is rotated or flipped, a value of 1 will be substituted in the EXIF field, to signal that the rotation is completed. This will avoid doing the operation accidentally twice.

ABC-View Manager also keeps the file date of the file intact.