Keeping Your Data Safe

safety_first_iconWhile browsing online, we all are exposed to potential hacking attempts and cyber attacks. In a world full of hackers, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between genuine and phishing links. One wrong click to a phishing link and you fall a prey to bad actors. Thus, it is imperative for every internet user to remain vigilant regarding online security, privacy, and data protection.


Quick Tips To Keep Your Data Safe While Browsing Online

Protecting your data does not need you to have a technical cybersecurity background. Though, the more you know, the more you keep yourself safe. Yet, not every one of us is a programmer. Therefore, below we share some quick tips that are useful for online data safety for everyone.

1. Backup Your Data Regularly

Computers and smartphones are always vulnerable to crashing and data loss. Any software or hardware problem can corrupt or erase your data. Many times, you have to format your device yourself. Thus, having a backup is imperative to prevent any potential data loss.

2. Be Wary Of Phishing/Spam Links

Many scammers target your mailbox for sending spam links to you. Whereas, some phishing campaigns involve fake websites and copied web links. Hence, make sure not to click on any web link from untrusted sources. You can also find out the genuineness of a link through its ‘HTTPS’ status.

3. Keep Your System Updated

Having updated software prevents you from system crashes and data loss. Whereas, the regular security patches also protect you from various vulnerabilities. Therefore, make sure you have automatic updates turned on in your computers.

4. Install An Antivirus

Having a robust antivirus and malware protection software is essential to keep your system secure. You can think of an antivirus as the ‘first line of defense’ against malware and viruses. Whether you browse online or work offline, make sure you have the latest antivirus software installed on your computers and smartphones.

5. Use VPN

A VPN helps you mask your location and hides your online presence from perps. However, as you may experience some lag in your internet connection speed, make sure you have a fast secure VPN to enjoy fast internet browsing with safety and anonymity.


The crooks are always in search of your private and financial data. So, take care to keep your data safe as you browse online. Using the tips shared above, you can certainly protect your data from hackers.