Keep-in-Touch Pro

Keep-in-Touch Pro is a contact manager specifically designed for software and Internet-related companies that want to keep their customers informed with the least bit of trouble on the technical side.

Keep-in-Touch Pro allows import of contact information from Outlook Express, a POP3 mailbox, or text files.

Keep-in-Touch Pro parses all kinds of order confirmation emails from e.g. RegSoft, RegNow, ShareIt, Kagi, and many more.

If your brand of order notification is not supported, let us know and we will add it. It is even possible to add your own DLL by using the developer’s SDK!

Beta Version

Keep-in-Touch Pro is still in beta development. But we encourage anyone to download the free beta version of the software. All beta-users that give us feedback by email will receive a full version free of charge when it is released!


  • Import contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook Express
    As it turns out, most people like to use OE for their email communication. KIT Pro can import contact information directly from your OE message folders! It can even work with multiple identities in OE.
  • Brush up your contacts list
    KIT Pro allows any number of groups with any number of contacts. It is very easy to sort, filter and select. Cut and paste individual contacts or whole subsets from one group to another. Filter all duplicates and auto-select the ones you can delete. Filter all contacts that contain email errors. Detect non-unique contacts (that exist in more than one group).KIT Pro is not afraid of a few thousand contacts! Actually, we work with test sets of 50.000 contacts, in which case sorting and filtering is still blazing fast.
  • Import contacts from complex order confirmations
    KIT Pro is able to parse complex order confirmation emails and extract just the information you want to keep. This can e.g. be the name, email address, order ID and purchase amount.KIT Pro can parse emails from RegSoft, RegNow, ShareIt, Kagi, and many more. If you have special needs, let us know. Send us an example order email (feel free to change sensible information) and we will write the parser for it. There is even an SDK so that you can write your own!
  • Cross-group check of contact info before sending
    Make sure not to send special discount offers to customers that already purchased! With KIT Pro you can verify if contacts exist in both groups, and remove all that have purchased from the trial users group. No more painful mistakes!
  • Open System
    All contact and group information within KIT Pro is stored in an XML document. You can easily edit it with another application, or view it. If you must somehow add your own data, you just have to write an XML file!Consequently, exporting data is as simple as reading or processing KIT Pro’s XML file. It this does not suit you, you can also import and export data in a TAB delimited format (compatible with most databases).
  • Full history
    KIT Pro remembers everything.. First of all, actions are logged. Second, KIT Pro remembers which users have gotten which messages so that you avoid sending duplicates.
  • Unlimited additional user fields
    Add your own fields to any contact. Basic fields are First Name, Last Name and Email. You can add many more. Simply define them once and they will be parsed just like the others.
  • Compose messages with personalized fields
    It becomes really easy to change the “Dear user” for “Dear John”. It is a matter of replacing “User” by the variable “%FriendlyName”! Use the power of personalization, users love to see their own name and details in mail addressed to them. Personalization does not stop at the message body. You can personalize all fields you like, also “Subject:”, “To:”, etcetera.
  • Preview what you send
    You can use “message preview” to see exactly what your message will look like when it reaches the user. And you can send test messages to yourself just to make sure!

Evaluate this software!

If this introduction hasn’t convinced you yet, then simply try the software. It can’t hurt to do that, evaluation is free and very easy to set up.

If you are a software developer yourself, it may be good to know that this tool is written and designed completely by another software developer just like you facing the very same challenges.

With Regards,

Nils Haeck